About Us

Emma Mather has been a mental health professional who has trained as a cognitive behavioural therapist offering EMDR and Interpersonal therapy.  

A leader in her field, she has also recently started teaching at a local university in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, training the talent of the future to the highest standards

For several years, Emma has offered a wellbeing service to local businesses within the West Midlands. This can be on a contracted long-term basis or a more flexible approach when the service is required.  Her aim is to offer companies a service that meets individual need, but also allows them to meet  legal requirements. 

Emma has also developed a service that offers a compassionate approach to people seeking help.   l offer support to deal with current emotional problems.   I use different methods of therapy such as imagery and mindfulness.   

Since the Covid-19 crisis hit, Emma has also been working hard at providing the service via video conferencing calls, to ensure all her clients are given extra support even during such difficult times where face-to-face consultations have been challenging.